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The art of Iaijutsu is deeply immersed in the
 traditions and culture of the Japanese Samurai.

The object most defining of the Samurai is the
 famed Japanese “Samurai Sword”. Carrying
 the long sword (katana) and the short sword
 (wakizashi) was the exclusive right of the
Samurai, representing his position and authority
 in ancient Japanese society.

However, the katana was not just an emblem of
 power. In the hands of a trained Samurai it was
 a formidable weapon. Study in the art of
 swordsmanship was crucial to individual
 survival for the Samurai and several
styles (ryu) developed.

The style taught at Shobukan Martial Arts
 Center is Yamauchi-ha Muso Jikiden Eishin
as handed down through the 21st Soke,
 (headmaster of a ryu) Takaaki (Komei)

Soke Sekiguchi has created an international
 organization called the Komei Juku, with
 branches around the world. Sensei Lee Gray
 studies with Soke Sekiguchi’s senior
representative in Texas, Sensei Walt Bushy,
 and with Soke Sekiguchi on his many visits
to the United States.

Individuals interested in more information
 regarding Yamauchi-ha Muso Jikiden Eishin
 Ryu Iaijutsu may contact Sensei Gray at:


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