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The word goshinjutsu is composed
of three Japanese characters:
 Go (protection), shin (body), jutsu (art)  
At Shobukan Martial Arts Center goshinjutsu is the general term referred to for “self-defense” or a means for “protecting the body”. It is a generic term sometimes mistakenly used as the name of a school or style of martial art. 
Sensei Gray draws on his over 49 years of martial arts training and his extensive experiences teaching hand-to-hand combat to U.S. Marines, and defensive tactics to police and correction officers to develop an effective no nonsense approach to self-defense training.
Techniques are designed to be simple and easy  to learn and execute. They are taught in easy to understand steps and practiced repeatedly to become an instinctive reflexive reaction. Awareness and avoidance are an important part of training and students are taught to physically defend themselves only when faced with no other choice. 
Goshinjutsu training is conducted in private or small group settings. Individuals interested in more information regarding Goshinjutsu training may contact Sensei Gray at:

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Self Defense Goshinjutsu training