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Kobujutsu (ancient warrior art) also known as Kobudo (ancient warrior ways) is a uniquely Okinawa Bukijutsu (weapon fighting art).
Severely restricted in weapon ownership by
 conquering Japanese Samurai, the early Okinawa
 Bushi (warriors) improvised weapons from obscure
tools and implements to protect themselves and
 Okinawa citizenry from bandits, pirates, and thugs.
Sensei Lee Gray upholds the traditions and
ideals of the ancient Okinawa Bushi through
carefully preserved techniques of early
Okinawa Kobujutsu.  
Sensei Gray teaches the
hojo undo (supplementary exercises)
kihon waza (foundation skills)
kata (form) and oyo (application) of the
 Bo (staff) - Sai (truncheon)
Tonfa (short handled club) - Nunchaku (flail)
Kama (sickle) - Guwa (hoe)
Eiku (boat oar) -  Tinbe (shield) 
and many other Kobujutsu implements . 
Individuals interested in more information
regarding  Okinawa Kobujutsu training may
contact Sensei Gray at:

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